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  • Real Cost For a Las Vegas Escorts

    • July 10th, 2016

    Cost For a Las Vegas hookersHighly rated as one of the most respected escort services on the Las Vegas strip,, provides a variety of quality and sophisticated escorts for visitors to the Las Vegas Strip. Lollipopescorts workers are experiences and very friendly. The escort services are also priced to meet any visitor’s budget.

    Many visitors to the Las Vegas strip are aware that the price for escort services can varying among the various services as well as the escorts which work for those services. Clients of Lollipopescorts are able to see the pricing for each of the escorts that they may be interested. Escort services may range from hourly services, to all night services to weekend services. Pricing will range as well. For example, Paula may charge $200 for one hour of service but two hours may cost a visiter $400 to $500 an hour. All night services can range from four to six hours and can cost anywhere between $800 to $2000 dollars. Weekend services can cost as much as $4,000.00 and can reach as much as $8,000.00.

    The prices noted above can vary based on the specific escort selected as well as the nature of the escort services and the activities planned and expected by the visitor. For example, if the escort is expected to travel, the travel costs will include the train or airfare, transportation and all expenses associated with the trip. These costs will be in addition to the regular costs charged by the escort. Visitors should know that some escorts require a shopping stipend. The amount of this shopping stipend may be negotiated on a case by case basis with each escort and the client.

    Clients as well as visitors to Las Vegas should understand that fees and standards that they may be use to in escort pricing in other jurisdictions may not apply to the escorts and the quality and level of escort services that they will experience in Las Vegas as well as from The client should expect that our escorts are professionally trained to service their client’s needs as well as to expect compensation for their services in line with their particular skill set.

    When a client meets an escort for the first time, the client should take the time to get to know the escorts and state his or her preferences and what is expected from the escort. The client should also be free to ask the escort what activities he or she is comfortable with and what are the boundaries between the two. This will avoid any miscommunication with regard to what the client expects of the escort and the quality of the service. There is no question that is too awkward or off limits for the escort to respond to the client and encourages a frank and open exchange of ideas and questions between the client and the escort. If the client feels that they have any unanswered questions, the client should feel free to ask managers and we will be happy to respond.

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